Choose your Hygiene stations ?

Choose your Hygiene stations ?

All public establishments, including Hospitals and offices, may have hand and boot hygiene stations at the entrance. Thanks to Hosinox that helps you with a simple click to choose the corresponding Hygiene equipment at a reasonable price. Our hand Hygiene stations are available in touchless versions.

Hand hygiene stations are available in different designs, made with high-quality stainless steel. The Hosinox Hygiene station is designed for hand and shoe cleaning and disinfection. It is characterized by brush rollers that are simple to clean( ensure that shoe soles are cleaned quickly) and can be removed without the use of any tools.

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The soles of shoes are washed by going through a chain of resolving cylindrical brushes that are sprayed with a washing disinfecting liquid. A high-speed hand dryer is included in our Hygiene stations.

Many reasons can push you to choose our Hygiene equipment:

  • Being extremely powerful.
  • Simple to manage.
  • Fast to implement.
  • Cost-effective.

Wherever Hygiene station is an important part of your company, Hygiene stations are a necessity. Made in Saudi Arabia !! We ship worldwide !! Please contact us for more information on the entirety of our Hygiene stations.

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